Virginia Sees Three Day Decline in Coronavirus Cases

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By Arianna Coghill

April 20, 2020

Welcome to today’s edition of the Dogwood. We’ve got a roundup of all today’s Virginia news coming right up.

But First…

President Trump has been holding regular coronavirus briefings since March 14…and he’s told numerous lies in the process. You can see the worst 59 lies (!!!) fact checked here.

Five Things You Need to Know Today

  1. Decline in Coronavirus Cases Reported in Virginia- The latest data from the Virginia Department of Health reports approximately 8,990 positive cases of coronavirus in the state. The death toll increased from 277 to 300, but we have also seen three consecutive days of decline. Gov. Ralph Northam and federal officials state that they want to see a 14 day trend of declines before lifting restrictions on businesses. — Dogwood

  2. Virginia DOC Prepares to “Dramatically” Increase COVID-19 Testing- The Virginia Department of Corrections announced they will be “dramatically” increasing COVID-19 testing in state prisons. In a release, the VADOC states that they will send staff into facilities to assist with the increased testing. As of Monday, 116 offenders and 50 staff members have active coronavirus cases, while 434 offenders have been tested, according to the VADOC. — CBS 6

  3. COVID-19 Testing is Lagging Behind in Virginia- Widespread COVID-19 testing is the key to eventually lifting public restrictions put in place during the pandemic, according to experts. But coronavirus testing in Virginia has lagged in the past week, according to data from the VDH. Testing dropped 15% between last week and the week prior, matching a similar national decline in COVID-19 testing. — Richmond Times- Dispatch

  4. Northam Criticizes Trump Over Protests and Lack of Coronavirus Testing-  Gov. Ralph Northam and other state governors criticized President Trump’s encouraging protesters to violate stay-at-home orders, and his contradictory statements that there are a sufficient number of COVID-19 tests available. Northam called the president’s claims “delusional,”and said Trump is focused on the protests to distract from failings elsewhere. — The Washington Post

  5. Gov. Northam Drops Bid to Expand Power to Make Spending Cuts –Gov. Ralph Northam is dropping his bid to expand the governor’s ability to cut state spending by over 15% without the General Assembly’s permission. Typically for the governor to cut state operating expenses beyond a certain amount, they are required to call the General Assembly for a meeting. Legislators were not happy with Northam’s request. —  Richmond Times-Dispatch
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