Docs Say We Need To Triple Tests To Reopen State

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By Arianna Coghill

April 24, 2020

Welcome to today’s edition of the Dogwood. We’ve got a roundup of today’s Virginia news coming right up.

But First…

Looking for a reason to leave the house that is simultaneously fun and social distancing friendly? Look no further because the Family Drive-In Theater located in Stephens City, which announced that it is reopening next Friday, May 1. They’ll be enforcing CDC and state guidelines on social distancing. — ABC 13

Five Things You Need to Know Today

  1. Coronavirus Cases in Virginia Reach 11,594– With 596 new cases, Virginia now has 11,594 cases of coronavirus in the state, the rate lowering 2% since yesterday. According to the Virginia Department of Health, 1,837 people have been hospitalized and 324 people have died due to the virus. 69,015 people have been tested for COVID-19 statewide so far.  — Dogwood
  2. Virginia Docs Say We Need To Triple Tests– In the same week that hundreds of protesters gathered in Richmond to oppose stay-at-home orders, local health experts in Virginia said social distancing measures are working and warned against reopening the economy too quickly. Virginia doctors and health professionals participating in a virtual town hall meeting on all delivered the same message: The only way to safely reopen the economy will be to increase testing for the virus. — Dogwood
  3. Northam Reviews Options After Senate Shuts Down Proposal to Move May Elections- The state Senate blocked Gov. Ralph Northam’s proposal to move Virginia’s May elections to Nov. 3. The governor is now reviewing other options on how to handle the elections in the wake of the pandemic. Over 50 localities have municipal elections scheduled. —  The Roanoke Times
  4. Virginia Has $1.65 Billion in Coronavirus Relief Funds- Virginia’s state government has received guidance from the federal government on how to spend the $1.65 billion given to them for coronavirus relief. However, it is predicted that this aid is not likely to stop bleeding from local and state government budgets. “We have to track every federal dollar,” said Secretary of Finance Aubrey Layne, “and that includes if it goes to the localities.”–  Richmond Times-Dispatch
  5. New Map Reveals Which Virginia Counties are Social Distancing – An Arlington-based mapping company has created an interactive, county by county map that shows how well people are following the stay-at-order guidelines. The company, Blue Raster, uses anonymous cell-phone data to make this possible. “For people in certain counties, their phone is staying close to their home,” said Michael Lippman, co-founder of Blue Raster, “and that’s a signal showing they’re listening (to social distancing guidelines).” — WTOP
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