Virginia Supreme Court Extends Eviction Freeze Until September

By Arianna Coghill

August 7, 2020

Gov. Ralph Northam made the request in late July, and the courts finally approved.

The Virginia Supreme Court has approved a temporary, statewide eviction moratorium, putting a halt on thousands of hearings scheduled to take place across the commonwealth. The freeze is set to begin on August 10 and will remain in effect until September 7. 

“Today’s decision comes at a time when we are still battling this public health crisis and need all Virginians to maintain safe, stable housing,” said Governor Northam.

Northam requested the eviction freeze in a letter to Virginia Supreme Court Justice Donald Lemon on July 24. 

“This economic crisis has exacerbated the financial distress of many households across the Commonwealth, and it will likely increase the number of unlawful detainer actions as Virginians struggle to pay their bills,” said Northam in the letter. “There remains the distinct threat that the most vulnerable Virginians will be evicted from their homes at a time when our public health crisis is expanding rather than contracting.”

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