Virginia Trooper Who Played to Camera Won’t Be Charged

By Associated Press

October 6, 2020

Virginia trooper forcibly removed a Black driver from his vehicle during a traffic stop

FAIRFAX— Virginia State Police trooper Charles Hewitt’s actions were distasteful but legal. That was the word from Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano. Descano opted against filing criminal charges in an incident where Hewitt played to the camera as he forcefully removed a Black motorist from his car during a traffic stop.

Descano said in a statement to media that he found the Virginia trooper’s action’s during the 2019 traffic stop distasteful but legal.

“Although this officer could have used a more appropriate demeanor, his actions do not meet the burden of a criminal offense as it currently appears in the Code of Virginia,” said Descano, who was elected last year on promises to hold police accountable for misconduct.

video of the 2019 arrest was widely viewed earlier this year showing Hewitt using obscenities. He also aggressively responded to driver Derrick Thompson when he refused to comply with repeated requests to exit the vehicle during a traffic stop.

‘Watch the show, folks’

Hewitt, who is white, tells Thompson that he’s about to get “whooped in front of f——- Lord and all creation” if he continues refusing to get out of the car. Hewitt smiles at the camera and says ”Watch the show, folks” right before he puts his arms around Thompson’s neck and hauls him out of the car as the camera goes blank.

Court records indicate Thompson was found guilty last year of resisting arrest and ordered to pay a $250 fine. The records also show Thompson was arrested last month in a separate incident and is awaiting trial for driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

Joshua Erlich, a lawyer for Thompson who is not involved in the criminal cases, said he is disappointed that prosecutors opted against bringing criminal charges. He said no final decision has been made, but he expects Thompson will file a civil suit related to his arrest.

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