Biden Sweeps New Virginia Poll With Double-Digit Lead

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By Brian Carlton

October 15, 2020

Civiqs poll outlines several surprising trends among respondents.

RICHMOND-The latest poll from Civiqs shows Joe Biden’s support increasing in Virginia. The study, held from Oct. 11 to Oct. 14, puts the Democratic nominee at 55% to President Donald Trump’s 42%. 

This marks the largest presidential poll done in Virginia so far this fall. The first, organized by Virginia Commonwealth University, reached out to 804 Virginia residents. The second, done by Christopher Newport University, had more specific rules. That one, focused only on people who voted in two prior elections, connected with 796 people. This most recent version included 1,231 Virginia residents. 

The larger sample size brought some other surprising results. Out of those 1,231 people, only 1% were still undecided on who they planned to vote for. Those undecided voters were all Republicans and all male. Otherwise, the results showed Biden leading in all but one demographic. For the first time this year, he led in all age groups. Biden took 55% of voters 18-34, 60% of those 35-49, 53% of the 50-64 crowd and 50% of those 65 and older. In previous polls, Trump held a slight lead with older voters, however that support has started to slip. The Civiqs poll showed Biden with 92% of Black voters, 65% of voters identifying as “Other” and 59% of Latinx residents. Biden’s support dropped when it came to white voters, however. He only pulled in 44% to Trump’s 52%. 

One of the more surprising parts came in the education breakdown. For the first time, residents who didn’t go to college picked Biden over Trump 49% to 48%. Biden’s numbers grew to 58% among college graduates and 71% of post-graduate students went with the Democratic candidate. 

Who do you like the best? 

If you look at all three polls done so far this fall, this marked the highest percentage coming out for Biden. The Christopher Newport poll had him winning 48% to 43%. Meanwhile, the VCU poll put the race at 53% to 39%. 

The poll comes out the same day as Virginia announced 1.7 million people have either requested absentee ballots or voted in person. This is an entirely new concept for most Virginians. At the beginning of the current special session, Gov. Northam and the General Assembly removed some of the restrictions around early voting. You no longer need a witness to sign or to carry a photo ID with you if you go in person. People also don’t need to justify their request when voting absentee. You can just ask. Those options will continue to be available until Oct. 31. 

The poll also comes as we see a shifting landscape, as far as registered voters. We’re seeing more younger voters added to the rolls and the older population declining. As of Oct 1, there were 5.2 million people registered to vote in Virginia. Out of that number, 1.52 million were millennials, anyone born after 1982. Generation X, anyone born from 1965 to 1981, added 1.45 million voters. The Baby Boomers still have the largest representation at 1.69 million, but not as large as in previous years. Also in decline is the number of the Greatest Generation still registered in Virginia. That number is down to 523,614.

Brian Carlton is Dogwood’s managing editor. He can be reached at [email protected].

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