Superb Owl Sunday (no, it’s not a typo!): How to celebrate in VA

Superb Owl Sunday (No, It’s Not A Typo!): How To Celebrate In VA

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By Good Info News Wire

February 8, 2024

The middle of February brings various holidays and events — by this point, we’ve heard the predictions of Punxsutawney Phil and are preparing for spring, even as we wonder who our Valentine will be. Many Virginians have been following major-league football playoffs, and are counting the days until that second Sunday in February when all of America will be united. Well … except for those who aren’t as interested in football as they are in a magnificent bird of prey.

Wait a minute, a magnificent bird of prey?

Yes, because the second Sunday in February means it’s time for the Superb Owl!

For those who haven’t “heard about the bird,” the Superb Owl is a new Superbowl Sunday trend. It started with a common internet typo in the late aughts and early 2010s, and continued with jokes, memes, and more, eventually spreading across the country — and even around the world, as breweries from the Netherlands to New Zealand have produced “Superb Owl” beers.

Some Superb Owl events can be enjoyed wherever you are — like checking out r/SuperbOwl’s online festivities with the best owl pictures the internet can offer. However, there are also local Superb Owl events all over the country, including ways to get in on the fun here in Virginia!

Here are a few ways to enjoy Superb Owl Sunday in the Old Dominion State:

Party With Some Superb Owls

Superb Owl Sunday (no, it’s not a typo!): How to celebrate in VA
Photo courtesy of allevents.

Calling all Virginians! This February 11, shake your tail feathers down to Vintage Trixie in Chesapeake for a Superb Owl Party! Hosted by the quirky vintage shop, this free event will include shopping for unique treasures while you meet and learn about live owls in collaboration with Chesapeake’s own Nature’s Nanny Wildlife Rehabilitation, which cares for, rehabilitates, and releases local owls that have been injured.

Whether you’re in the market for a vintage treat or just want to meet some new feathered friends, this event should be a hoot (pun intended)!

Visit an Owl Sanctuary — Or Try to Spot Virginia’s Rare Owls

With its forests, mountains, and coastline, Virginians are lucky enough to live in a state with an incredible and diverse wildlife population, including eight different species of owls. You can see them at places like the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, which lets guests view all kinds of Virginia wildlife up close, including in its owl exhibition.

If you’re inclined to strike out on your own, consider a bird-watching adventure and try to see if you can spot one of the rare owls, aka “Virginia’s most mysterious birds,” as the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources calls them. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the northern saw-whet owl — Virginia’s smallest (and rarest!) species of owl.

Enjoy Fine Dining With an Owlish Twist

Superb Owl Sunday (no, it’s not a typo!): How to celebrate in VA
Photo courtesy of Rooster & Owl via Instagram.

Looking for a sophisticated way to round out your Superb Owl festivities? In the highlands of southwestern Virginia, that calls for a visit to the Cat and Owl, a steak and seafood spot that’s been serving Virginians for 45 years, and happens to be in sight of the forests that many of the superb owls of Virginia call home.

For avian-inspired dining at the other end of the state, check out Ellie Bird in Falls Church — an eclectic spot for fun fusion dining from the team behind Washington, DC’s Michelin-starred Rooster and Owl. Delectable!

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Superb Owl Sunday (no, it’s not a typo!): How to celebrate in VASuperb Owl Sunday (no, it’s not a typo!): How to celebrate in VA



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