Meghan McCarthy

Managing Editor

Meghan is managing editor at the Dogwood and is based in Alexandria. Prior to the Dogwood, Meghan was the Chief Content Officer and Cofounder of Morning Consult, where she built and led the company’s media enterprise, reaching over 250,000 government and business leaders daily with coverage and analysis of the biggest issues in business, politics, and policy. Meghan also spent six years covering Congress at National Journal and Congressional Quarterly, with a focus on health policy. Meghan’s work has been featured on C-SPAN, MSNBC, National Public Radio, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and The Atlantic, among other national news outlets.  

Davis Burroughs


Davis is a reporter at the Dogwood and is based in Richmond. Prior to the Dogwood, Davis covered Congress for the Washington, D.C.-based digital media company Morning Consult. He moved to Richmond in 2017, where he co-founded The Regeneration Magazine, an international publication about people and businesses creating a better planet.

Keya Vakil

Staff Writer

Keya comes to The Dogwood from the film industry, where he worked as a researcher and writer, including three years working alongside an Academy Award-winning writer. He’s also dabbled in the political world and still considers himself a political junkie. An East Coast native, Keya has hopscotched around the country in recent years, living in Houston and Los Angeles, but now finds himself back on the East Coast.