A screenshot from the body cam of Windsor Police Officer Daniel Crocker, one of two men who face questions after video surfaced of a December traffic stop that went very badly.
Northam Orders State Investigation Into Windsor Traffic Stop

WINDSOR- In December, two Windsor police officers pulled guns on U.S. Army 2nd Lieutenant Caron Nazario during a traffic stop. And then things went bad.

A deer in Virginia won an altercation with a school bus in Powhatan yesterday
Dogwood Download: Things You Should Know For Friday, April 2

Virginia's governor creates a grant program for ancestors of enslaved people, a deer wins a fight with a bus, and a judge rules Virginia Beach's voting system illegal

Confederate monuments in Charlottesville can now be removed
Charlottesville Can Remove Confederate Statues, Virginia Supreme Court Decides

After years of court battles and a summer of protests calling for their removal, the city of Charlottesville can now take down two statues memorializing Confederate generals.

Virginia Beach Police Chief Paul Neudigate answered questions about the recent shootings at a special city council meeting Tuesday.
Virginia Beach Chief Provides Answers, Raises Questions About Shooting

VIRGINIA BEACH- It took 48 hours for Virginia Beach homicide detectives to interview the officer involved in the Donovan Lynch shooting. That wasn't by choice.

Virginia Beach police say this gun was recovered from the scene of Friday night's shooting. In a reversal from Saturday's press conference, they now link it to the shooting victim, Donovan Lynch. Photo courtesy of Virginia Beach Police.
Was Donovon Lynch Armed? Questions Remain in Virginia Beach Shooting

VIRGINIA BEACH-In a reversal from Saturday's press conference, officials now say Donovan Lynch was "brandishing a handgun" when he was shot.

Augusta Supervisors Vote to Raise Taxes
Dogwood Download: Things You Should Know For Saturday, March 27

RICHMOND-A lawsuit against the state gets tossed, Augusta raises taxes, unemployment drops and a new clinic goes up.

Dogwood Download: Things You Should Know For Tuesday, March 23

RICHMOND-An injunction in the case of a Virginia restaurant violating COVID-19 restrictions is denied, Northam announces resources for FASFA applicants, and Xzavier Hill's mother fights trespassing charges.