Windsor Police Chief Rodney Riddle Speaks to Media
Windsor Police Chief Answers Questions, Says His Officers Made Mistakes

WINDSOR-His officers made mistakes. Windsor Police Chief Rodney Riddle admits that up front.

Windsor's Council Stands By Their Officers
Windsor Council Says They Support Their Police And Officer Crocker

WINDSOR-The Windsor Town Council stands behind its police department and Officer Daniel Crocker. Mayor Glyn Willis delivered that statement during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Gary McCollum Speaks at Lynch Family Press Conference
Donovon Lynch’s Family Wants to See Five Changes Happen

VIRGINIA BEACH-What led up to Donovon Lynch’s death? Who was the officer that killed him? These are questions without answers, almost half a month later.

A screenshot from the body cam of Windsor Police Officer Daniel Crocker, one of two men who face questions after video surfaced of a December traffic stop that went very badly.
Northam Orders State Investigation Into Windsor Traffic Stop

WINDSOR- In December, two Windsor police officers pulled guns on U.S. Army 2nd Lieutenant Caron Nazario during a traffic stop. And then things went bad.

Counterfeit Vaccine Cards Pop Up Across the Commonwealth

RICHMOND - People want to travel again. They want to take cruises, fly to other countries and generally get the benefits that come from taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dogwood Download: Things You Should Know For Wednesday, April 7

RICHMOND-Lawmakers return for marijuana vote, Shentel announces layoffs and school districts offer different plans.

DC Metro Police Chief Robert Conti said his department's homicide division will be taking over the investigation.
Capitol Police Officer, Suspect Both Killed in Good Friday Attack

WASHINGTON D.C.- One Capitol Police officer is dead and another injured after a man’s attempt to get inside the complex failed this afternoon.