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Two Potential Recounts? Here’s the Latest on the Fight for Control of Virginia’s House of Delegates.

The unofficial results of two House of Delegates races in Hampton Roads show the candidates falling within the range of margin to request a recount.

Virginia voters 2021
Breaking Down What Was (and Wasn’t) Unique in Virginia’s 2021 Election

We talked to political analyst J. Miles Coleman to get his take on the 2021 election in the commonwealth.

Glenn Youngkin
Republicans Regain Power in Virginia: Youngkin Wins, House Control Unclear

The full outcome of Tuesday's election may take days or weeks to work out, but gridlock seems very likely in the commonwealth.

Voters in Midlothian, VA
How a Ballot Becomes a Vote in Virginia

All the steps you never knew about when it comes to getting your ballot, making sure it's properly counted, and auditing the results.

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The Women Running (for) Virginia: Nancy Guy

​​While her opponent was dressing up like a clown, defending the Jan. 6 rioters, and torching signs with a flamethrower, Del. Nancy Guy was “doing her damn job.”

The Women Running (for) Virignia: Candi King
The Women Running (for) Virginia: Candi King

King won her first election just months ago. She's back again for more.

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Why Do We Vote, Mom?: How to Talk to Your Kids About the Virginia Election

“I think it’s a good influence. It just shows them that their parent is participating in the election and they have a voice to see who gets elected.”