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What War Can Teach Us About Defeating COVID-19

SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is as much our enemy as it is our ally. The virus offensive caught us off guard, but it brought back lessons we need to remember.

Dirty wipes and debris surround the inner workings of the Warren Water Recovery Facility. Photo courtesy of Bryan Clor
Photos: A Gross Look at Why Michiganders Need to Stop Flushing Disposable Wipes

In Macomb County, people flushing disposable wipes is wreaking havoc on the Red Run Drain. Experts say coronavirus germs could linger on these wipes washing up into residents’ backyards.

Supreme Court to Decide Fate of $8 Billion Pipeline That Could Devastate Black Communities

The $8 billion, 605-mile natural gas pipeline would transport natural gas from West Virginia to Virginia and North Carolina but has faced staunch opposition from environmental groups. Supporters promise it will bring economic development, jobs, and reduce energy costs for customers. Opponents say it will harm the environment, threaten important landmarks, and put already-vulnerable populations...

Clean Energy Bill Could Bring 13,000 New Jobs Per Year to Commonwealth

The measure could put Virginia's energy economy on par with states like California and Hawaii.

Here’s How Hard It Will Be To Pass A Green New Deal In Virginia

Democrats won, but now Virginia GND backers need support beyond the progressive vacuum.

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Report: Virginia Superfund sites inadequately protected from climate change

A government watchdog group has found that 15 Virginia Superfund sites are vulnerable to extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change. According to a study by the Government Accountability Office, an independent government agency, the sites are not adequately protected from natural disasters and pose a risk to the public. A Superfund site is a contaminated...

Pier with small house on the water at sunset
Chesapeake Bay education program forced to shut down program due to rising sea levels

After 40 years, Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Fox Island Education Program announced that it would no longer be hosting its annual education events after this fall. The reason? Rising sea levels.  On a blog post, the foundation said that rising ocean waters have made it unsafe to continue hosting the event on Fox Island. Foundation educators...