Mole and white rice
What’s On Virginia’s Thanksgiving Tables?

Believe it or not, there are options beyond turkey.

Close up of dog
FiDos and FiDon’ts of Thanksgiving for Pets

Before you sneak a piece of turkey under the table, doublechecking the “dos and don’ts” of table scraps might come in handy. 

Stuffed pears
Perfect Plant-based Plate: Alternatives to Turkey This Thanksgiving

Are you looking to spice up your family's Thanksgiving table with meatless options? These three plant-based options will wow even the pickiest of eaters.

Glenn Youngkin
‘If We Do Have Glenn Youngkin as the Governor of Virginia, Then We’ll Be Just Like Texas’

Republican-Led States Are Rushing to Ban Abortion. Could Virginia Be Next?

Biden letter on the child tax credit
Virginia Women Speak Up: Extend the Child Tax Credit

Parents, advocates and political leaders push to extend the expanded Child Tax Credit.

The Lassiter family and the Collins family
‘It’s a Moral Issue’: Virginia Families Need Affordable Child Care and Paid Leave

Virginia families spend nearly $1,200 per month on average on infant care and more than half of working families in the state lack access to unpaid family leave.

Can I Opt Out of the Child Tax Credit Payments? Here’s The Answer

DANVILLE-What if I want to wait until next year's tax return to get the child tax credit? It's definitely doable. Here's how.