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Biden Will Unveil a $700 Billion Economic Plan Today. Here’s How to Watch.

“The vice president believes it’s not the time to just build it back the way things were before ... it’s time to imagine and build a new American economy for the next generation.”

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Virginia, Your Local Chambers of Commerce Won’t Tell You If They Support Paid Leave

Local chambers of commerce throughout Virginia play an influential role lobbying on behalf of businesses big and small on legislation under consideration in the General Assembly.  After Democrats won the House of Delegates and Senate in Virginia for the first time in a decade, some chambers finally dropped opposition to increasing the state’s minimum wage,...

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Virginia Unemployment Claims the Lowest They’ve Been Since March

Virginia’s unemployment insurance claims have dropped to the lowest they’ve been since March, the Virginia Employment Commission reported last week. And with some Virginia businesses getting ready to reopen as the state approaches May 15, those numbers could drop further. But the VEC cautioned it would be a long road until the number of claims...

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Virginia Didn’t Pass Paid Leave. Coronavirus Shows Why That Was a Big Mistake.

“When I was in a leadership role, it was even worse because I had to tell my employees, if you’re throwing up, go to the bathroom. If you have a fever, just don’t act like it, you know?” Despite a whirlwind legislative session in Virginia’s General Assembly this year that made changes to everything from...

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‘We’re Beyond the Hurting Phase’: Small Virginia Businesses Struggle Getting Federal Loans

For people like Jose Chacon, who owns and operates a small business in Fairfax, Virginia, the nation’s high unemployment rate is much more than a statistic. Chacon and his wife, Jennifer Tillman, opened their holistic wellness practice in 2008. Together they use practices like stretch therapy, massage therapy and performance coaching to help people get...

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Unemployment Claims in Virginia Drop 33% From Last Week But Still at Record Highs

More than 100,000 Virginians filed unemployment claims in the past week, new data released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Labor shows. It’s a significant drop from the nearly 150,000 from a week before but still a massive number compared to filings before the coronavirus outbreak.

Florida workers totally or partially unemployed by the current health crisis, could see benefits.
Only Half of the People Are Getting Unemployment Checks

Roughly 22 million filed for unemployment benefits in the past month — easily the worst U.S. job losses. But only 12 million people are getting the checks.