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Police Under Review?
Virginia Is One Step Closer to Eliminating No Knock Warrants

RICHMOND-Is it a needed tool or too dangerous to use? No knock warrants are pretty controversial wherever you go.

The practice of qualified immunity will remain in operation, after HB5013 died in a Virginia Senate committee Thursday.
Defining Immunity: Committee Buries Bill as Senators Argue Over Details

RICHMOND-Depending on who you talk to in Virginia, qualified immunity is either a benefit or a curse.

The Richmond City Council approved a gun ban Tuesday night.
No More Guns: Richmond Council Approves Ban for Local Events

RICHMOND-Anyone going to a protest, concert or any other event in Richmond have to leave their guns at home now.

Police Under Review?
House Eliminates Qualified Immunity On Third Attempt. Now It Heads to the Senate

RICHMOND-After a unique two weeks, the Virginia Senate will have the final say on qualified immunity.

Police Under Review?
Virginia House Kills Qualified Immunity Bill a Second Time

RICHMOND-After a bizarre week, which saw the bill die and then get resurrected in committee, the Virginia House officially voted down a proposal Friday.

Charlottesville Police Officers hold roll call outside of the office where there is a little more space for social distancing.
Virginia Senate Signs Off on Commission to Research Police Procedures

RICHMOND-Do police departments in Virginia need to rethink their policies and procedures?

Police Under Review?
Should Virginia Police Be Protected From Civil Lawsuits? State House Revives Immunity Bill

RICHMOND-Less than 24 hours after killing it on Monday, a Virginia House committee revived a bill that would make it easier to sue police officers for misconduct.