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Windsor's Council Stands By Their Officers
Windsor Council Says They Support Their Police And Officer Crocker

WINDSOR-The Windsor Town Council stands behind its police department and Officer Daniel Crocker. Mayor Glyn Willis delivered that statement during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Gary McCollum Speaks at Lynch Family Press Conference
Donovon Lynch’s Family Wants to See Five Changes Happen

VIRGINIA BEACH-What led up to Donovon Lynch’s death? Who was the officer that killed him? These are questions without answers, almost half a month later.

NAACP, Herring Want State to Reconsider Who Investigates the Police

RICHMOND-Police departments shouldn’t investigate shootings involving their own officers. Mark Herring and the NAACP want an alternative.

Dogwood Download: Things You Should Know For Wednesday, April 7

RICHMOND-Lawmakers return for marijuana vote, Shentel announces layoffs and school districts offer different plans.

Does Virginia Need to Repeal Its Right-to-Work Law?
What Is The Attorney General’s Worker Protection Unit?

RICHMOND-A new unit of the Virginia Attorney General’s office will tackle wage theft, payroll fraud, and other labor rights issues.

Split Decision: Virginia Delegation Divided Over The Violence Against Women Act

WASHINGTON D.C.- The U.S. House approved the Violence Against Women Act on Wednesday, the first step toward getting the bill reauthorized.

Roanoke Becomes The Latest Virginia City to Adopt a Limited Gun Ban

ROANOKE-On Monday, Roanoke became the latest Virginia city to ban guns from certain areas.