Image of rural Virginia

Meet the women trying to flip rural Virginia blue

While some Democrats might write off western Virginia as being too red to win, four women are trying to prove them wrong. The four candidates gathered with supporters at...

How money in politics may have kept dangerous chemicals secret

Does money in politics matter? In Virginia, oil and gas companies have long been some of the biggest political donors in the state. Among the primary beneficiaries of those donations is House...
An image of the Dominion Energy offices

Virginia AG fights to stop Dominion from charging customers for $247 million in upgrades

The Virginia Attorney General’s office is trying to prevent Dominion Energy from charging customers $247 million to recover money spent on environmental upgrades at its Chesterfield County power plant.

Northam sets 100% renewable energy target for 2050

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam issued an executive order today setting a goal for Virginia to produce 100% of its electricity from carbon-free sources by 2050.  The order says the...

Virginia Beach tries to prepare for sea level rise

Virginia Beach is among the cities facing severe flooding as climate change marches forward and the sea levels rise. Aware of the dangers facing the area, the city is...
Pier with small house on the water at sunset

Chesapeake Bay education program forced to shut down program due to rising sea levels

After 40 years, Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Fox Island Education Program announced that it would no longer be hosting its annual education events after this fall. The reason? Rising sea levels. 

Virginia one step closer to joining groundbreaking climate initiative

The Virginia Air Pollution Control Board on Friday approved a significant climate plan to slash carbon pollution from Virginia's power plants by 3% each year over the next decade.

Virginia at severe risk of devastating floods in the future

This is the first in a three-part series examining the impact of climate change on the Commonwealth to commemorate Earth Day. While the Commonwealth celebrated Easter in relative peace,...

Here’s How Hard It Will Be To Pass A Green New Deal In Virginia

Democrats won, but now Virginia GND backers need support beyond the progressive vacuum.

Clean Energy Bill Could Bring 13,000 New Jobs Per Year to Commonwealth

The measure could put Virginia's energy economy on par with states like California and Hawaii.