White Supremacists Arrested Before Rally Against Gun Safety Laws in Virginia

The FBI apprehended three men in Maryland who discussed attending the rally in Richmond on Monday.

Organizers “Hope” This Gun Rally Won’t Become The Next Charlottesville

Tens of thousands could gather in Richmond to oppose any new gun safety laws. Organizers expect at least 30,000 people to show up next week for a pro-gun...

It’s Virginia’s Democrats First Day in Control. Here’s What They Plan to Do.

The 2020 General Assembly session begins today. With Democrats set to control both the House and the Senate for the first time since 1995, analysts and voters alike are expecting big policy...
Min Wage Comparison Graphic - VA lower than 20 other states

These hospitals are giving their employees relief from Virginia’s dismal minimum wage

The lowest-paid employees will eventually make more than twice Virginia's $7.25 per hour minimum wage.

Dates and deadlines to know in Virginia politics for 2020

From the General Assembly to the general election, we've got your calendar covered. Welcome to 2020. Virginia's big state election year may be behind us, but there are...

Virginia’s green wave: How money played into the 2019 election

We take a closer look at how money influenced this year's election, and some of the most notable campaign spending developments in the Commonwealth.

Here’s How Hard It Will Be To Pass A Green New Deal In Virginia

Democrats won, but now Virginia GND backers need support beyond the progressive vacuum.

‘Second Amendment sanctuaries’ have exploded in Virginia

The number of local and county governments in Virginia declaring themselves as “Second Amendment sanctuaries” has increased exponentially in the past few weeks, increasing from five to at least 71 in the past month. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring told CBS 6 news that these efforts were largely symbolic.

Virginia Democrats Have Plan To Make It Easier To Vote

Like many of its laws, the newly all-Democratic Virginia has historically had a more red-state approach to voting access. A 2018 study found the Commonwealth was the second-worst state on voting access in the country, just ahead of Mississippi. Now, a number of voters' rights groups are now pushing to change that.

What Democrats hope to tackle first in Virginia

Gov. Northam's spending plan highlights Democratic priorities ahead of taking over the General Assembly next month. Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam has started to roll out pieces of...