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Virginia's houseless population is growing
There’s A COVID-19 Outbreak In Richmond’s Houseless Shelter

Michael Anderson, a houseless person living in Richmond, says he’d rather sleep in the street than risk accessing the city’s homeless shelter. That’s because there’s an outbreak of COVID-19 at the shelter.

Houseless people in Richmond were kicked out of their encampment Wednesday.
Richmond Staff Demolishes Houseless Community at Coliseum

It was ten in the morning and most of the houseless folks living around the Richmond Coliseum went together to get breakfast and to find a bathroom.

They say they've tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.
Richmond City Council Asked to Reform Houseless Services

RICHMOND-Over a hundred social workers are petitioning the Richmond City Council for urgent reforms to its services for houseless people.

Virginia's houseless population is growing
Houseless Residents Say They Were Evicted Without Warning in Richmond

RICHMOND-On New Years Eve, houseless residents in Richmond were told they had to leave the shelter the next morning.

Rough looking man sitting on bench, bundled up, sleeping.
Can You Keep a Warming Center Open in a Pandemic? Southern Virginia Officials Say Yes.

MARTINSVILLE-Can you keep a homeless shelter running in a pandemic?