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Dogwood Download: Things You Should Know For April 29

BRISTOL-The NAACP calls for resignations in Windsor, work will continue on I-81, no more masks for Fairfax County and we talk about early voting.

Has Prince William County Already Established a Marcus Alert System?

MANASSAS-While the county has completed all initial state requirements, activists say this isn't all the Marcus Alert is supposed to do.

Peaceful protest at Monument Ave
Ettinger: Respectability Is Not Enough. We Need More.

BLACKSBURG-President Biden wrapped up his first 100 days in office this past week, and many on the left have been celebrating this time with a collective sigh of relief.

Isaiah Brown's sister Yolanda (center) spoke during Monday's press conference. Photo by Brian Carlton.
Why Was Isaiah Brown Shot? His Family Want Answers

SPOTSYLVANIA-Why was Isaiah Brown shot? His family outlined four requests for the sheriff’s office Monday. Three are for information.

Virginia State Police Take Over Spotsylvania Shooting Investigation

SPOTSYLVANIA-One Spotsylvania resident is in the hospital after being shot by a deputy. Now the Virginia State Police are investigating.

Rashid: Systemic Racism And Police Brutality Go Hand in Hand

STAFFORD-Police brutality is linked to systemic racism, Qasim says. In order to solve the problems, we have to address both.

Creighton Rd.
Creighton Court Plans Raise Questions About Richmond’s Housing Projects

RICHMOND-Public housing projects including Creighton Court are about to disappear in Richmond. That’s happening by design.