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An Arlington County Vaccination Pod nurse administers a band-aid after a patient receives a COVID-19 vaccine.  Contributed photo.
What Happened to Virginia’s Mass Vaccination Sites?

DANVILLE-Why are Virginia's mass vaccination sites closing down? State officials say they're shifting the plan in order to reach people.

Did The COVID-19 Vaccine Trigger Myocarditis? Here’s What We Know

CHARLOTTESVILLE-No, it's not time to panic. No, the COVID-19 vaccine didn't cause an outbreak of heart attacks. But what is myocarditis?

Clearing Up Mask Confusion: Do Virginians Need A Vaccine Passport?

RICHMOND-Do you need a vaccine passport in Virginia? Should you show your vaccine card now or are we just going on the honor system?

Northam Lifts Mask Mandate, Speeds Up End For COVID-19 Restrictions

RICHMOND-Virginia will lift its mask mandate Saturday, with a plan to eliminate all restrictions by the end of this month.