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VCU union members march to raise awareness for their demands
VCU Faculty, Staff And Student Workers Form a ‘Wall-To-Wall Union’

RICHMOND-Workers at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), the second-largest public university in the Commonwealth, are organizing a “wall-to-wall labor union” to represent faculty, staff, and student workers.

A rally organizer invites attendees to speak about their grievances with VCU administration.
VCU Adjuncts Say It’s Time For Fair Pay

RICHMOND - On March 4, VCU Adjuncts Organizing for Fair Pay (VAOFP) delivered their demands for better working conditions to the VCU administration.

Council members pass an ordinance to allow data sharing despite public outcry
Richmond City Council Accepts Police Data Sharing Proposal Despite Community Outrage

RICHMOND-Despite protests and public speakers, the Richmond City Council approved a data sharing deal Monday night.