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An armadillo walking through Everglades National Park in Florida.
Armadillos in Virginia: An Eastward Expansion

Armadillos have found their way into Virginia over the years, on a slow expansion eastward from their usual habitats.

Contributed photo - By the time the beaver kits enter the wild, their rehabilitation bill will cash in at around $15,000.
Virginia Wildlife Center Takes On Challenge of Raising Baby Beavers

ROANOKE-Abandoned after a storm, two beavers are being raised by some unique foster parents: the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center staff.

Murder Hornets Aren't On Their Way
No, Murder Hornets Aren’t Heading Towards Virginia This Spring

MARTINSVILLE-Murder hornets will soon emerge from a months-long hibernation. But no, they're not heading towards Virginia.

Raccoons Cause Problems in Arlington
Arlington Sees Rabies and Canine Distemper Cases Spike

ARLINGTON – If you’re in the Arlington area – or really anywhere wildlife live – posing for a photo with a raccoon isn’t a good idea.

Close up of dog
Virginia Rescue Group Saves Dogs From South Korean Meat Farm

ROANOKE – Over the weekend, members from Angels of Assisi drove to Maryland to assist with a rescue.