Stories tagged: "Virginia Elections"

Youngkin Refuses To Join Virginia Bar Association’s Debate

RICHMOND-After 35 years, a Virginia political tradition is coming to an end. Republican Glenn Youngkin is refusing to take part in the Virginia Bar Association's debate.

Assembly Wants to Renovate Schools, Expand Broadband With Rescue Funds

RICHMOND-Gov. Northam called for a special session to decide how to spend American Rescue Plan funds, while outlining his priorities.

Chance Trevillian, 30, is a first-time political candidate in Virginia.
There’s a Chance for Democrats in Southwest Virginia

A young Democrat is running for office in a Virginia House district that hasn’t had progressive leadership in over two decades.

Have You Turned In Your Ballot? Deadline Looms With Primary Coming

BEDFORD-Have you turned in your primary ballot? More than 43,000 mail-in ballots still haven't been turned in by Virginia voters.

What Is ‘The Marshall Plan for Moms’? Sam Rasoul Outlines The Proposal

ROANOKE-What is 'The Marshall Plan For Moms'? Reshma Saujani developed the idea & now Sam Rasoul hopes to get it through the Assembly.

A garbage bag partially covers the sign denoting the former registrar's office in Chatham.
Shifting Locations: Pandemic Causes Pittsylvania Registrar to Relocate

CHATHAM-Do you know where your early voting or primary site is? Due to the pandemic, several have relocated.

Dogwood Download: Things You Should Know For April 27

RICHMOND-Park officials call off the search for Ty Sauer, Democratic leadership endorses Hala Ayala for Lt. Governor, and LGBTQ+ advisory board created