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Pittsylvania County Will See Expanded Broadband Thanks to RiverStreet

CHATHAM-RiverStreet Networks will connect more Pittsylvania County homes to the internet through 2022. It's part of a larger plan.

A Look at The Burning Tractor Trailer Full of Paper On I-95
Dogwood Download: Things You Should Know For Tuesday, March 30

SPOTSYLVANIA-Paper causes a traffic jam, Arlington residents get a drone warning, Charlottesville offers a housing solution and we celebrate the birthday of a District.

What Happened to the Martinsville Southern Connector?

MARTINSVILLE – If you’ve driven through Martinsville in the last three years, chances are you’ve heard of the Martinsville Southern Connector Road.

How Do You Solve Virginia’s Broadband Problem? State, Federal Officials Look For Answers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – More than 700,000 Virginians don't have access to reliable internet. That's especially true in rural Virginia, where the broadband problem affects one third of residents.

Rail Passenger Trains Could Come to Southwest VA
What’s the Plan Now for New River Valley Rail?

CHRISTIANSBURG-Where does the plan for New River Valley Rail go from here? When can residents expect to see construction?

Virginia's Transportation Infrastructure Needs Federal Help
Warner Proposes Investments During Regional Transit Roundtable

ARLINGTON - Virginia's transportation industry needs federal support.

When will the power come back on?
When Will the Lights Come Back on in Virginia?

DINWIDDIE – As of midnight Friday, more than 27,900 Virginians were still in the dark. It may take a few days, however, to fully restore power.