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Mandatory Sentencing
Mandatory Sentencing Survives, as Virginia Committee Strikes Changes

RICHMOND-If you assault a police officer, it’s automatically a felony charge and a mandatory six month jail sentence in Virginia.

Police Under Review?
Virginia Is One Step Closer to Eliminating No Knock Warrants

RICHMOND-Is it a needed tool or too dangerous to use? No knock warrants are pretty controversial wherever you go.

The practice of qualified immunity will remain in operation, after HB5013 died in a Virginia Senate committee Thursday.
Defining Immunity: Committee Buries Bill as Senators Argue Over Details

RICHMOND-Depending on who you talk to in Virginia, qualified immunity is either a benefit or a curse.

Police Under Review?
House Eliminates Qualified Immunity On Third Attempt. Now It Heads to the Senate

RICHMOND-After a unique two weeks, the Virginia Senate will have the final say on qualified immunity.

Police Under Review?
Virginia House Kills Qualified Immunity Bill a Second Time

RICHMOND-After a bizarre week, which saw the bill die and then get resurrected in committee, the Virginia House officially voted down a proposal Friday.

Charlottesville Police Officers hold roll call outside of the office where there is a little more space for social distancing.
Virginia Senate Signs Off on Commission to Research Police Procedures

RICHMOND-Do police departments in Virginia need to rethink their policies and procedures?