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Why Do We Vote, Mom?: How to Talk to Your Kids About the Virginia Election

“I think it’s a good influence. It just shows them that their parent is participating in the election and they have a voice to see who gets elected.”

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‘Our Very Democracy on the Line’: Women Leaders Across Virginia Share a Powerful Message

A group of current and former lawmakers, leaders, and even songwriters met recently to talk about the importance of getting out to vote in Virginia’s elections. 

From Voting Access to Gun Rights, Which Virginia Laws Changed July 1?

RICHMOND-When the clock hit midnight, changes happened across the Commonwealth. Here's a look at the new Virginia laws taking effect.

Have You Turned In Your Ballot? Deadline Looms With Primary Coming

BEDFORD-Have you turned in your primary ballot? More than 43,000 mail-in ballots still haven't been turned in by Virginia voters.

What Is ‘The Marshall Plan for Moms’? Sam Rasoul Outlines The Proposal

ROANOKE-What is 'The Marshall Plan For Moms'? Reshma Saujani developed the idea & now Sam Rasoul hopes to get it through the Assembly.

A garbage bag partially covers the sign denoting the former registrar's office in Chatham.
Shifting Locations: Pandemic Causes Pittsylvania Registrar to Relocate

CHATHAM-Do you know where your early voting or primary site is? Due to the pandemic, several have relocated.

McAuliffe Claims Big Lead in Latest Wason Center Poll

NEWPORT NEWS- A number of Democrats want to see former governor Terry McAuliffe back in his old seat. That’s one of the key takeaways from the Wason Center’s latest poll.