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A Blue Ridge Warning: Bear Sightings Increase Along The Parkway

FOREST – Don't pet or try to hug a bear while camping. And above all, hide your food. That's the advice from Blue Ridge Parkway officials.

Hammerhead Worms Show Up in VA
We’ve Had Murder Hornets. Now It’s Time for Hammerhead Worms.

MIDLOTHIAN- First, there were murder hornets. Then, there were puss caterpillars.

Bear cubs relax in a hammock at the Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro. Contributed photo.
Don’t Feed the Bears: Recent Incidents Spark Warning From Wildlife Officials

WAYNESBORO – Don't feed the bears. It seems like common sense, but every year around this time, it becomes a temptation.

A look at the furry "puss caterpillar", which has started showing up in eastern Virginia.
Move Over Murder Hornets. Venomous ‘Puss Caterpillars’ Are Taking Over.

BLACKSBURG- This fall, you might see some tiny, toupee-like creatures crawling around trees or shrubs.