Updated: All the Virginia Schools and Universities Closed For Coronavirus

By Elle Meyers
March 12, 2020

Gov. Ralph Northam ordered all K-12 schools to close for the reast of the academic year.

UPDATE– Gov. Ralph Northam has extended school closures through the rest of the academic year.   Public pools in areas like Prince William County are scheduled to open later than usual, they will be closed through June 15 instead of opening on Memorial Day Weekend. Recreation, fitness centers and playgrounds are all closed until further notice. 

Summer camps in the area are currently closed until further notice, but camps could reopen depending on state, CDC guidelines and loosened social distancing restrictions.

By the first week of March, the New York Times reported that 22 nations on three continents had closed schools to prevent the spread of coronavirus. President Donald Trump, in contrast, downplayed the need to close businesses and schools, and had not fully committed to cancelling his own political rallies in early March.

We will update this list as new information becomes available. Last update: April 28, 2020

School Districts 

Arlington County Public Schools: Closing March 16th through the end of planned spring break, April 14. More information here.

Alexandria City Public Schools: Closing March 16 through the end of the planned spring break, April 13. The city is still finalizing details on providing meals. Details here.

Fairfax County Public Schools: Closed March 13th and March 16th for staff training to prepare for potential transition to online learning. All extra-curricular activies canceled until April 12. Details here.

Loudoun County Public Schools: Closed March 12th through Friday, March 27th. No online instruction during closure. You can find more information here

Norfolk Public Schools: Closed under governor’s orders until March 27. Updates here.

Richmond City Public Schools: Closed starting Monday, March 16, for two weeks. Details here.

Roanoke City Public Schools: Closed under governor’s orders until March 27. Details here.

Colleges and Universities

College of William and Mary: Classes suspended until March 23, when they will resume online. Students are “strongly encouraged” to return home. Closure will be re-evaluated on April 1. Details here.

James Madison University: Classes suspended until March 23, when they will resume online. Students are encouraged to not return to campus until April 5. Updates and information here.

George Mason University: Extending spring break through March 20. After March 20, courses will resume online until April 3, when situation will be re-evaluated. Details here.

Northern Virginia Community College: Closed March 16th and 17th. Online classes starting on March 18. The school recommends students take precaution and do not return from spring break. Details here.

Old Dominion University: Extending spring break for an additional week and moving all classes online starting March 23. Situation will be re-evaluated on April 6. Details here

University of Richmond: Classes are canceled next week and will move online starting March 23 until at least April 3. Details here.

University of Virginia: Closed March 11.  Classes will be moved online. The school recommends students take precautions and do not return from spring break. Campus events with more than 100 people are prohibited. Details here

Virginia Commonwealth University: Classes moved online starting Marsh 23. Updates to come on housing, details provided here.

Virginia Tech: Spring break extended for one week, classes transitioning to online for the forseeable future. Updates are here.

Washington and Lee: Open and providing updates here

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