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About Dogwood

Our goal is to help build a stronger democracy. The way we aim to do that is by bringing quality journalism and human-focused storytelling to the spaces where Virginia women spend so much of their time: online. 

Through credible, fact-based reporting, we are working to help people across the Commonwealth better understand what’s happening in their state and federal government and why those decisions matter for them and their families. Not only will we spotlight the efforts to strengthen communities, rebuild struggling economies, expand access to health care or child care, address the climate crisis, and end inequality in all forms, we will also be relentless in our coverage of attempts or actions to undermine the will of the people, voting rights, or ballot access.

Also, because it’s so easy to forget just how diverse Virginia really is, we aim to spotlight more of the people, places, and things that make the Commonwealth what it is today. #ThisIsVirginia

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About Courier Newsroom

Dogwood is owned and operated by Courier Newsroom, a civic media company. The managing editor of each site, in addition to Courier Newsroom’s editor-in-chief, has sole discretion and control over the editorial process.

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