The Best Local Doughnut Shops in Virginia’s Coastal Plain

The Best Local Doughnut Shops in Virginia’s Coastal Plain

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By Aila Boyd

November 7, 2023

Who doesn’t love a good doughnut? They’re delicious but adaptable. They can be filled, frosted, and/or covered with all sorts of sugary and savory goodness. 

If you’re looking to sample some of the best local doughnut shops Virginia has to offer up and down its Coastal Plain region, we’ve got you covered with this list of eight going north to south. Check out our recommendations for the craziest and best donuts they sell, along with a little bit of backstory for each shop. 

Good Company Doughnuts & Café

Location: Arlington 

Although Good Company Doughnuts & Café opened in Arlington in 2016, it traces its roots back to Florida in the early 1960s, when the Murphy family opened Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts in Jupiter. Located in the Ballston neighborhood, the Virginia shop opened with the goal of creating a unique all-day café where quality doughnuts could be found. 

“We offer an enormous lineup of homemade doughnuts and pastries daily,” the shop’s website reads. Current seasonal doughnuts for fall include caramel apple crumble, chocolate cream, maple bacon pumpkin stick, and spiced pumpkin cream. A toasted coconut vegan option is also available for plant-based patrons. 

Freddy Donuts

Location: Fredericksburg

The Best Local Doughnut Shops in Virginia’s Coastal Plain

Photo courtesy of Freddy Donuts

Freddy Donuts is a community-minded doughnut shop. “We believe in the amazing community that supports us each day, so giving back is important to us,” its site reads. “We believe in quality, so we refuse to cut corners in any part of our process.” 

The shop’s doughnut options are so diverse that you’ll surely find one that will appeal to your taste buds. Standout flavors include Samoa, s’mores, and zebra. 

Sugar Shack Donuts

Locations: Richmond, Midlothian, North Chesterfield 

The Best Local Doughnut Shops in Virginia’s Coastal Plain

Photo courtesy of Sugar Shack Donuts

Sugar Shack Donuts places a “passionate focus on fresh, all natural, and local.” Staff makes the doughnuts by hand throughout the day. 

The menu boasts a wide selection of add-ons for the top, middle, and bottom of your doughnut. For example, you can get maple bacon for the top, French toast for the middle, and salted caramel for the bottom. You can then add various toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, Oreos, toasted coconut, bacon, or marshmallows. 

The Treat Shop

Location: Richmond 

The Best Local Doughnut Shops in Virginia’s Coastal Plain

Photo courtesy of The Treat Shop

The Treat Shop was started in October 2014 when husband-and-wife duo Shawn and Essie Davis, both Richmond natives, decided to tap into their love of treats and the types of food that can only be found during carnivals and fairs. “The Treat Shop offers handmade cake and yeast donuts made fresh throughout the day,” the shop’s website states. “Our fresh yeast donut is hand rolled and cut on site to ensure the best quality product.” 

Those who are a bit more traditional should opt for a regular glazed doughnut, while the more adventurous might go for a dipped and decorated doughnut. The options include vanilla-dipped with multi-color sprinkles, chocolate-dipped glaze, and Boston cream-filled. 

Oh! Mochi

Location: Richmond

The Best Local Doughnut Shops in Virginia’s Coastal Plain

Photo courtesy of Oh! Mochi

Oh! Mochi does doughnuts differently. “Indulge in our delicious Mochi Donuts, which fuse American donuts with Japanese mochi, available in flavors like chocolate, matcha, and ube,” the website reads. “At Oh! Mochi, we take pride in using only the freshest ingredients and creating a welcoming atmosphere.” 

Order the three-doughnut pack if you want to sample several flavors or share with friends. Standout flavors include matcha Oreo, crème brûlée, and caramel mocha. 

Glazed Doughnuts

Location: Hampton

Brandy Fertitta opened Glazed Doughnuts in 2016 because she wanted to bring a unique business to downtown Hampton and doughnuts seemed like the obvious choice. Her doughnuts are made fresh daily, as Fertitta constantly works to develop new recipes and improve existing ones. 

Doughnut options at Glazed include yeast, cake, filled, specialty, vegan, and gluten-sensitive doughnuts. We recommend the key lime-filled doughnut, which comes with vanilla icing and a sprinkling of graham crackers. 

Donutz On a Stick & Ice Cream

Location: Yorktown

Donutz On a Stick & Ice Cream was started in 2015 by husband-and-wife team David and Stephanie Williams in Duck, North Carolina. In 2019, they opened a second location near Stephanie’s hometown in Yorktown. “If the reaching aroma of the cinnamon sugar donuts doesn’t draw you in, your curiosity is sure to be peaked when you see a donut sundae or donut milkshake walk by,” Stephanie said.

The doughnuts are unique in the fact that—as you may have guessed from the name—they come on a stick. You can decide between the small stick with two doughnuts on it or the large stick with four. Some of the popular flavors include coconut vanilla, strawberry shortcake, and more. 

As Stephanie alluded to, the shop also offers doughnut sundaes, which top the doughnuts with ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry.

O’s Donuts

Location: Norfolk 

The Best Local Doughnut Shops in Virginia’s Coastal Plain

Photo courtesy of O’s Donuts

O’s Donuts was started in 2013 with the goal of bringing a sweet spot to Norfolk that would provide hot and fresh doughnuts for years to come. “Family owned and operated, we put a lot of love and careful thought into all we do,” the shop’s site states. “We specialize in making cake donuts with premium ingredients and toppings.” 

Specialty doughnut options include Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Everything But the Bagel, Holy Cannoli and Granny’s Apple Pie. Be sure to also lookout for the doughnut of the week.


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