What’s your favorite budget-friendly vacation spot in Virginia?

By Stacy Rounds

May 6, 2024

Virginia, with its coastal beaches, beautiful landscapes, and historical attractions, stands out as a prime location for those wishing to maximize their enjoyment without breaking the bank. There are options for almost every kind of traveler here in the Old Dominion. From the eastern US’s most sought-after wine region to our National Parks to sites where some of the first European settlers broke ground, it can be a challenge to select the top affordable vacation spots within this vibrant state.

To help narrow down the choices and highlight the best Virginia has to offer to cost-conscious travelers, we are asking our trusted readers for some feedback. Whether you prefer the charm of small towns, the allure of nature trails, or the appeal of educational sites that cost little to nothing to enjoy, we’re interested in hearing about your top picks. Your votes will serve as a valuable guide for others who wish to explore Virginia’s treasures. Let’s discover together which destinations provide the most bang for your buck!




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