Here's a look at one of the 47 Ronin that Lexington's Josh Poole created out of everyday objects. Dogwood photo by Erica Turman.
Lexington Resident Creates Art With Everyday Objects

LEXINGTON-From sculptures to paintings, Lexington resident Josh Poole takes his environment and turns it into works of art.

Richmond Tries a New Solution for Housing Problem
How Do You Solve Richmond’s Housing Problem? Council Tries a New Option

RICHMOND - In January 2019, 497 people in Richmond were homeless.

Everything Isn't Tax Exempt
Nonprofits Get Help From Southern Virginia Project

MARTINSVILLE - COVID-19 has touched nearly every aspect of daily life in Virginia since March.

Debra Ferrell placed this encouraging sign in a neighbor's yard, along with the gifts seen here. This was one of 53 random acts of kindness she performed this year. Photo courtesy of Debra Ferrell.
‘You Are Not Alone’ : Roanoke Woman Plans 53 Acts of Kindness

ROANOKE - Just before her birthday in October, Debra Ferrell put out a call of action.

What Will Christmas Eve Look Like for Virginia Churches?
Will Northam’s Executive Order Change Christmas Eve Services?

LEXINGTON - Christmas Eve brings religious services across Virginia.

Hanukkah Changes Some for 2020
More Than 150,000 People Celebrate Altered Hanukkah Traditions in Virginia

ROANOKE - For Jewish families across the Commonwealth, the celebration started Dec. 10.

Who’s Under Curfew? Some People Are Exempt From Northam’s Order

Virginians will have a curfew starting Monday, when new restrictions intended to mitigate the COVID-19 virus pandemic take effect.