Dogwood Daily: Renewable energy companies get green light

By Sean Galvin

September 19, 2019

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As you’ve surely noticed, political ads are all over TV. VPAP has compiled a handy breakdown on what messages are being broadcast and how much money the candidates and their allies are spending.

5 things you need to know today

  1. Renewable energy companies get green light
    Two renewable energy companies, Direct Energy and Calpine, got the go-ahead to operate in Virginia by the State Corporation Commission on Wednesday. Dominion Energy had sought to prevent the companies from expanding into the Commonwealth, saying that the companies didn’t meet specific strict standards Dominion itself had come up with. The court acknowledged it was treading into uncharted territory and that the ruling was the first of its kind in the state. A lawyer for Direct Energy called the decision, “the best order customers could have hoped for.” -Virginia Mercury

  2. Virginia launches prison “gender responsivity plan
    After several women died while incarcerated earlier this year, female prisoners in Virginia will soon be moved to the central region of the state as part of a new “gender responsivity plan.” The specifics of the plan, which the Department of Corrections did not tie to the deaths, remain unclear but will include additional training for inmates and staff. DOC officials said the intention behind the shift was to put all female inmates under one administrative team, streamlining nutrition, programming, and other prison issues in the process. -The Washington Post

  3. Highland County’s population dwindles
    Highland County’s declining population is expected to dwindle further, according to new research. With only 2,260 current residents, Demographers from the University of Virginia speculate that the population will drop an additional 17% in the next 20 years. While most urban areas in Virginia continue to see population growth, many counties in Southwest Virginia are expected to shrink in the upcoming years. Researchers blamed a tough economy and a lack of infrastructure to attract new businesses for the downward trend. -Virginia Mercury

  4. Chesterfield Republican officials in Facebook spat-
    Tensions are rising in the upcoming elections, not just between Republicans and Democrats. Two prominent Republican officials in Chesterfield have started slinging mud on Facebook — at each other. In a convoluted story involving hurt feelings and name-calling, Sheriff Karl Leonard criticized state Sen. Amanda Chase as “desperate” for any kind of law-enforcement support after facing criticism for allegedly chastising a Capitol police officer. Chase, meanwhile, blasted Leonard for being a “sore loser” after she beat a candidate he supported in a Republican primary four years ago. Currently, Chase is in a General Assembly race against Democrat candidate Amanda Pohl for the right to represent Virginia’s 11th Senate District. -Chesterfield Observer

  5. Stoney fires Chief Administrative Officer-
    Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney fired a top administrator on Wednesday after a report accused her of handing five jobs to her relatives. According to the report by Inspector General James Osuna, the Chief Administrative Officer Selena Cuffee-Glenn hired family members for positions in departments she oversaw. Cuffee-Glenn allegedly employed her own daughter at a much higher rate than other employees with similar jobs, and in another instance hired her niece without even having her fill out an application. Stoney said in a statement that the conduct detailed in this report violated the spirit of good governance and ultimately diminished his confidence in Cuffee-Glenn to continue to effectively serve in her role. -Richmond Times-Dispatch

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