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Alchemy Coffee
5 Coolest Coffee Shops in Richmond

These are five of the coolest coffee shops in Richmond. Not only do they have great coffee, but they have great food and atmospheres, making them great spots to work remotely from!

Photo Credit: The Office of Donald McEachin
Six Feet Under: Rep. Donald McEachin Aims To Resurrect Black Cemeteries From Oblivion

The African American Burial Grounds Preservation Act would establish a National Park Service program aimed toward preserving Black cemeteries. 

Traffic signs in Richmond causing traffic confusion
Richmond’s Traffic Safety Signs Flagged as a Potential Hazard

Over the past few weeks, Richmond residents have noticed new signs popping up in the middle of roads all over the city. Now, they're a meme on Reddit.

Virginia's houseless population is growing
There’s A COVID-19 Outbreak In Richmond’s Houseless Shelter

Michael Anderson, a houseless person living in Richmond, says he’d rather sleep in the street than risk accessing the city’s homeless shelter. That’s because there’s an outbreak of COVID-19 at the shelter.

Courtesy of Navi Johnson
Black-Owned Farmer’s Market Debuts in Richmond Food Desert

The city has had problems for years with fresh food accessibility in Black communities. Food accessibility in minority communities, particularly areas with more Black people, has been a problem in Virginia for years. But one Richmond native is teaming up with other growers to bring fresh produce to the people who need it the most. ...

Richmond Police Taser Protester, Crush Tents With Earth-Moving Equipment at Lee Statue

Video shows an officer using a taser-like device on a man being held down by four other officers has circulated social media.

Dogwood newsletter
Most of Virginia Started Reopening Today. Here’s What to Expect.

Welcome to today’s edition of the Dogwood. We’ve got a roundup of today’s Virginia news coming right up.  But First… As most of Virginia begins to reopen, some non-essential businesses are opening their doors to Virginians, with some restrictions still in place. Here’s what to expect from restaurants, gyms and other non-essential businesses as they...