Emily's List pumps $1.5 million into General Assembly elections
By Davis Burroughs
October 7, 2019

Female Democratic candidates for the Virginia General Assembly who back full access to reproductive health care will get another $1.5 million to support their campaigns from Emily’s List, The Washington Post reports.

The donation comes on top of another $600,000 the pro-Democratic political action committee made in partnership with Priorities USA earlier this year. Together, the donations are the largest investments Emily’s List has ever made in a single state, the group announced Monday.

Four states have legislative elections this year, but Virginia is the only one considered competitive. In 2015, Democrats flipped 15 seats in the House of Delegates, nearly wiping out Republicans’ previous 2-to-1 majority.

Republicans hold a 20-to-19 edge in the Senate, with one vacancy in each chamber.

The election is drawing national money and attention a potential bellwether for 2020.

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