Virginia’s Oldest Living Person Turns 112 Years Old Today
By Elle Meyers
April 17, 2020

Danville’s Avicia Thorpe was born in 1908

Despite the grim news the coronavirus pandemic brings daily, today there’s reason to celebrate: Avicia Thorpe, Virginia’s oldest living person, is celebrating her 112th birthday. 

Thorpe was born in 1908 and told WSET that she has been on many adventures throughout her long life. She chronicled those adventures in a series of poems that her great niece published for her as a gift. 

“I’m ready at any time when the Lord is ready to call me home,” she said at her 110th birthday. “God has placed me here for a purpose and my purpose has been accomplished. I’m still trusting his divine guidance, but I’m ready anytime.” 

Thorpe told WSET that she feels accomplished in her career because she still hears from her former students despite having stopped teaching 50 years ago. 

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