Get Out and Vote, Jill Biden Challenged Virginia Residents

Dr. Jill Biden campaigned on behalf of her husband, Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Thursday.

By Arianna Coghill

September 25, 2020

Dr. Biden encouraged voters to cast ballots early in a Richmond campaign stop

RICHMOND- Every vote counts. That was the message Dr. Jill Biden delivered Thursday, as she spoke at the Laburnum Avenue polling place in Richmond.

“Everybody has to get out and vote,” Biden said. She also encouraged voters to double-check their registration and help their families and friends with the voting process.

“I know this sounds trite, but this is the most important election of anyone’s lifetime,” she added.

Campaigning for her husband, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, she joined Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney at a car parade held by the registrar’s office. At the parade, Biden supporters came out to show their support for the Democratic nominee.

One concern they raised involved the recent comments by President Donald Trump. Speaking to the White House Press Corps, he refused to commit to a “peaceful transition” if he lost the election. Instead, Trump said he would have to “see what happens” before committing. On Thursday, the US Senate passed a unanimous resolution, reaffirming its commitment to “the orderly and peaceful transfer of power called for in the Constitution of the United States.” 

Dr. Biden echoed those words in Richmond, telling supporters the Biden campaign wanted a peaceful transition.

“Well, we’re just hoping it’s a peaceful transition,” said Dr. Biden. “I know that Joe Biden will insist that it is a peaceful transition.”

Early Voting In Virginia

Due to COVID-19, requests for absentee ballots skyrocketed this year. Already, a record number of Virginians, 796,000 voters, requested absentee ballots and the Department of Elections is preparing for more.

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But Richmond was only one stop in Dr. Biden’s tour of Virginia on Thursday. In the morning, she visited Hampton Roads. While there, she attended a listening seminar with African-American educators and then met with military families.

Recently, Virginia became a reliably blue state, leading many to question why Biden was visiting in the first place. To that, she asked why not?

“Why wouldn’t I come down to Virginia?” Biden said. According to Biden, the state holds a special place in her heart. Since 2009, she’s worked as a professor at Northern Virginia Community College. She also stressed how important every vote is to this election.

The former second lady said that her husband’s campaign will not take a single vote for granted.

“One vote can change an entire election,”said Biden.

According to recent polling data, Joe Biden’s lead is growing in Virginia. So far, the former VP has a 48% to 43% lead among likely voters over Trump. That number grows to 51% with enthusiastic voters.

Arianna Coghill is a content producer for Dogwood. You can reach her at [email protected].

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