Dogwood Download: Things You Should Know For Thursday, April 8

By Brian Carlton

April 8, 2021

A double graduation is coming, “hazardous” trees attack Shenandoah, we get the results of a poll and Northam offers an endorsement.

Daily Number

1 – We could make this one a trivia question. When did the University of Virginia win its first men’s basketball championship? The answer is April 8, 2019. The team beat Texas Tech 85-77 in overtime. 

17– Yes, we’re pulling double numbers today, because of another historical event. The 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified today in 1913. Why is that important? The amendment allowed U.S. senators to be elected by the people for the first time. Prior to that, state legislatures appointed their state’s senators. 

Tech Plans Double Graduation 

It’s not just the Class of 2021 graduating this May at Virginia Tech. The university announced on Wednesday it will also hold a graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020 next month. 

The Class of 2020 event will be held on Wednesday, May 12 at 1 p.m. in Lane Stadium. But it’s not automatic. You have to sign up for the graduation ceremony, on a first come, first serve basis. Tech officials will email each of the members of the Class of 2020, starting on April 19. 

Once you’ve signed up and secured a spot, then you’ll get another email April 26. That’s when you can register your guests. Tech is allowing up to four people for each graduate. Graduates and guests will have to practice social distancing and wear a mask during the ceremony. Also, gatherings outside Lane Stadium will be banned. 

Attack of the Hazardous Trees

We switch gears from graduation to a notice received Wednesday from Shenandoah National Park officials. Yes, restrictions are being lifted and it would seem like a perfect time to venture out for a hike. However, you won’t be able to go to Lewis Mountain Campground, at least for the foreseeable future. 

Park officials said the campground, located at mile marker 57.5 on Skyline Drive, will be closed while they remove what’s being labeled as “hazardous trees.” And if you’re wondering what a hazardous tree is, so did we. Park officials had not responded to us by the end of the day. The shutdown starts Friday at noon and will last up to five days. 

What Did We Learn From The Poll?

Dogwood’s post-debate Twitter poll wrapped up yesterday and offered some interesting results. It’s worth pointing out this is the largest public poll in the governor’s race since February. Here’s what the people said.

Wednesday’s Trivia Answer: The Legend of The Peeps

It was a little disturbing to write up today’s trivia answer, mainly because now we’re leery of eating a certain candy. The question for today involved Easter candy. Specifically, what candy do people have to sign a waiver for, in order to test out new flavors? The answer is Peeps.

Now yes, you can of course smash them, stab or tear them, but Peeps are pretty tough. They’re insoluble in water, sodium hydroxide and even diluted sulfuric acid. There’s also reports that for some of the flavors, the eyes just will not dissolve in anything. It’s that “invulnerability” of sorts that causes the company to have taste testers sign a health and safety waiver before trying new flavors.

One Shot Won’t Do The Job

No, it’s not enough to just get one dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. You need two shots for either one to be effective, as Dr. Ebony Hilton with UVA Health explains.

Northam Delivers An Endorsement

It’s hard to ignore an endorsement handed down from the current governor. Gov. Ralph Northam endorsed his predecessor for the same job, putting his support behind Terry McAuliffe. Northam argued that experience was important for the next governor to have, due to the long-term effects of the pandemic. 

“While our Commonwealth has faced the most severe pandemic in our lifetimes this past year, I am so proud of the work we have done to turn the corner and bring Virginia into recovery,” Northam said in a statement. “The longer-term impacts of this pandemic, however, will be around long after I leave office, and it’s critical that our next governor has the plans and experience to continue the fight to rebuild Virginia into a stronger, more equitable future.” 

Evans to Be Honored at Capitol Rotunda

Before being laid to rest, U.S. Capitol Police Officer William Evans will be honored at the nation’s capitol. The 18-year veteran of the Capitol Police was killed on Good Friday, as a man attempted to breach the North Barricade at the Capitol complex. He hit Evans and another officer with his car, before climbing out of the vehicle, armed with a knife. Officers shot and killed the man, rushing Evans and the other officer to the hospital. 

It was too late for Evans, however, who died at the hospital from his injuries. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer this week announced Evans will lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. 

“It is now the great and solemn privilege of the House of Representatives and the Senate to convey the appreciation and the sadness of the Congress and Country for the heroic sacrifice of Officer Evans with a lying-in-honor ceremony in the U.S. Capitol,” Pelosi and Schumer said.  “It is our hope that this tribute will be a comfort to the family of Officer Evans, particularly his children Logan and Abigail, as will the knowledge that so many Americans mourn with and pray for them at this sad time.”

A ceremonial arrival will take place on Tuesday, April 13th at 10:30 a.m. on the East Front of the U.S. Capitol.  A Congressional Tribute will be held at 11 a.m. 

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