5 Unique Date Ideas in Richmond for Valentine’s Day

By Jessica Lee

February 3, 2023

Dinner and a movie is a great standby for date night, but you want Valentine’s Day to be extra special.

Even if you have a romantic dinner at home or go out for a meal, you can still find unique things to do instead of heading to the movies afterward. Some of the most fun and romantic things you can do with your partner on Valentine’s day allow you to step outside your usual routine and create lasting memories. Here are five unique date ideas in Richmond for Valentine’s Day. 

Ice Skating/Roller Skating

Ice skating and roller skating alike offer the perfect mix of romance and fun for Valentine’s Day. Skating is a great way to break the ice—hopefully, not literally—if you are in a new relationship. But, it’s also a great activity to inject some new fun for those who have been together for years. You can hold hands as you skate around the rink to the music. You might get a few laughs in too if one or both of you aren’t particularly skilled skaters. If you prefer the ice, try Richmond Ice Zone in Chesterfield. If lacing up some old-school roller skates is more your thing, head to Rollerdome on Williamsburg Road or Skate-a-Way in Midlothian. 

Indoor Rock Climbing

5 Unique Date Ideas in Richmond for Valentine's Day
Photo courtesy of Peak Experiences

If you and your partner love the outdoors, but prefer the warm indoors during February, consider an indoor rock climbing date. These facilities have staff that helps with every aspect of your climb, so you don’t have to worry if you’re inexperienced. In fact, learning something new together is a fun way to connect with your valentine. Peak Experiences welcomes climbers of all skill levels at their Richmond and Midlothian locations. You can also give Triangle Rock Club on Thalbro Street a try. They have great rates for first-time visitors and offer four different types of climbs. 

Escape Room Experience

5 Unique Date Ideas in Richmond for Valentine's Day
Photo courtesy of Escape Room RVA

Escape rooms have been a hot thing for about a decade, so you might have tried one or two already. If you love escape rooms or if you’ve never tried one, it’s definitely a unique date idea for Valentine’s Day. Richmond has a handful of escape rooms. Here are a few:

  • Breakout Games. You can choose between five different experiences at Breakout Games. Use your investigative skills to disarm a bomb in the Bomb Squad room. Escape from a motel after being kidnapped in the Do Not Disturb room or escape kidnapping in the Kidnapping room. Find stolen art and escape in Museum Heist, and connect with your inner James Bond to find the spy and escape in the Operation: Casino room. 
  • River City Escape Room. This company offers four escape rooms: Chocolate Factory, Alice, Innocent, and Manhattan. Steel secret recipes and escape the chocolate factory, enter and escape Wonderland, prove your innocence and escape jail, and escape the radiation of the A-bomb in 1940. 
  • Escape Room RVA. You’ll find some distinctive themed rooms at Escape Room RVA, setting them apart from other escape rooms. Prove you are worthy and noble to escape the Trials of Valhalla room. Escape your eccentric uncle’s mansion in the Shadow of Cthulhu room. Take part in a grueling space rescue mission in the immersive Silent Space room, and raid a wizard’s shop to find the clues you need to escape Algernon’s Shop of Magical Goods. 

Axe Throwing

5 Unique Date Ideas in Richmond for Valentine's Day
Photo courtesy of Stumpy’s Hatchet House-Richmond

Axe throwing is a competitive, fun activity that highlights the adventurous side of people. If you and your partner haven’t tried out this new, popular trend, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let the hatchets fly. The Richmond area has a few places where you can test your skills and practice your aim. Stumpy’s Hatchet House has 10 throwing pits and you can order food, but make sure you make reservations. You must also book ahead at The Virginia Axe Company, the home of the Virginia State Knife and Axe Throwing Championships. If you want to take your chances without reservations, Shield N Sheath accepts walk-ins. You can also enjoy some appetizers, pizza, and beer while you are there. 

Game Night

5 Unique Date Ideas in Richmond for Valentine's Day
Photo courtesy of the Circuit Arcade Bar

You can turn Valentine’s Day into game night with board games, skill games, or arcade games. In any case, you’re sure to have fun with your partner. Game night is an especially excellent choice for couples who like the idea of an escape room but really aren’t into the physical aspects of crawling through tunnels and other feats often associated with those experiences. Instead, you can connect with your inner child and play away. Try out Slingshot Social Game Club where you can play indoor bocce ball, skee-ball, and duckpin bowling. The Circuit Arcade Bar is an old-school arcade bar with vintage pinball machines, skee-ball, and much more. If you and your partner love gaming, you’ll love being able to play classics like Frogger, Donkey Kong, Ms. PacMan, and Asteroids. Draftcade is pure retro-gaming with more than 75 classic arcade games and more than 60 draft beers on tap. 

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