The Lassiter family and the Collins family
‘It’s a Moral Issue’: Virginia Families Need Affordable Child Care and Paid Leave

Virginia families spend nearly $1,200 per month on average on infant care and more than half of working families in the state lack access to unpaid family leave.

Gov. Ralph Northam at an event.
Virginia’s No. 1 for Business, but What About Workers?

The state used to rank dead last for worker conditions. That's changed.

Virginia Moms Left The Workforce During The Pandemic. Could A New Law Bring Them Back?

RICHMOND-Millions of Virginia moms left the workforce last year due to the pandemic. A new law outlines a plan to get them back.

Does Virginia’s New Law Legalize Marijuana? Well, Yes and No.

RICHMOND-Yes, the new law took effect July 1 in Virginia. But while it allows possession, the law doesn't fully legalize marijuana use.

As Virginia’s Emergency Order Expires, A 31-Day Eviction Clock Starts

RICHMOND - Virginia's emergency order expired Wednesday, removing protections against evictions. As a result, a 31-day clock starts ticking.

Assembly Wants to Renovate Schools, Expand Broadband With Rescue Funds

RICHMOND-Gov. Northam called for a special session to decide how to spend American Rescue Plan funds, while outlining his priorities.

Terry McAuliffe, a former Virginia governor running for reelection, held a panel last week on entrepreneurship.
How Can Virginia Spark Small Business Growth? McAuliffe Asks Owners

RICHMOND-To get started, small businesses need cash, promotion and help from the state. Executives tell McAuliffe they're not getting it.