Virginia Beach nurse: Rep. Kiggans should stand with patients, protect the ACA

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By Linda Bennington

April 17, 2024

With almost 350,000 Virginians relying on the Affordable Care Act for their health insurance, it is critical that Virginians know their members of Congress will protect the ACA and their access to health care.

That’s why, as a registered nurse with decades of experience caring for pregnant patients, Rep. Kiggans’ health care record concerns me. In less than two years in D.C., she has voted to cut access to health care and raise already-high healthcare costs for patients like mine.

Millions of Virginia patients have benefitted from protections for pre-existing conditions, expanded Medicaid, and reduced prescription drug costs since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law nearly fourteen years ago. Notably, more Virginians have access to health care now than they did before the ACA’s implementation. As such, I urge Rep. Jen Kiggans to oppose efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act by Speaker Mike Johnson and extreme House Republicans.

Rep. Kiggans must stand by patients to ensure that those with pre-existing conditions are protected. She must also see that Medicaid isn’t stripped from patients and continues to be federally funded. Virginians, including nurses like myself, are counting on Rep. Kiggans and other members of our state’s congressional delegation to shield the Affordable Care Act from attacks that could jeopardize health care access.

Linda Bennington,

Nurse, Virginia Beach



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