President Trump’s wall could cost VA $493 million
By Keya Vakil
March 27, 2019

If President Trump’s national “emergency” declaration survives the courts, the Commonwealth could lose up to $493 million in military project funding.

President Trump has raised the possibility of diverting $3.6 billion that Congress approved for military spending to build his wall.

While the White House insists the use of military funds would be a last resort, that should be cold comfort for the Commonwealth, as Virginia would be disproportionately impacted by the emergency declaration.

Pillaging the military’s budget for a completely unrelated project is a bold move for an administration that insists it’s committed to military spending

A full list of the more-than-a-dozen projects that would be affected can be found here.

  • Keya Vakil

    Keya Vakil is the deputy political editor at COURIER. He previously worked as a researcher in the film industry and dabbled in the political world.

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