Twitter users swap stories of gross conditions in Virginia schools
By Davis Burroughs
July 24, 2019

A Dogwood news story about mold in a Northern Virginia classroom that made students sick underwhelmed many Virginians on Twitter, who said they’ve seen far worse in their state’s public schools. Below, we round-up their grossest tales.

But first, for context, here’s the original tweet.

That big splotch of mold in the photo, the likes of which were spotted on classroom walls in Alexandria’s George Washington Middle School, graced thousands of Virginians’ twitter feeds earlier this month.

Mold in schools — gross, right? Sure, but “not to mention the cockroaches” one Twitter user from Chesapeake replied. “And the rats,” another responded, “and the awful food,” said a third commenter.

Rodents, pests and nasty food in Virginia schools were repeatedly brought up in the article comments on social media.

A roach a day may not keep the doctor away, but, according to Leah Beaver, the average school day wouldn’t be complete without at least “two live ones and several dead ones,” either.

Bad food, pests and rodents in isolation are one thing. However, according to Destiny from Virginia Beach, her school put them all together.

With cafeterias like that, students might be better off eating in the classrooms if it were not for this tale.

Need to wash that taste out of your mouth? You might not want to do it with the water fountains at Spartans Middle School in Lynchburg.

Several other Twitter users took to the comments on The Dogwood’s mold article to address the taste and appearance of Virginia public school water, too.

For nearly each person who said their school’s water was too brown, another said the water in their school tasted too much like bleach.

School walls and ceilings are in ruins, too, according to commenters.

Grace Marie sums up what we’ve learned so far.

As one user put it, “good luck,” with all of that, kids. (For those not versed in internet slang, “SMH” is an acronym for “shaking my head” and “bruh” is akin to “dude.”)

Despite mold, cockroaches, “chemical-tasting” or “creek mud” water, and rats and mice, at least one student is staying positive.

Share your story about the condition of Virginia schools by sending a news tip to [email protected].

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