Virginia ABC collects $1 billion in revenue, a new record

By Davis Burroughs

August 13, 2019

Some things never change — Virginians like to drink.

Virginia liquor sales hit an all-time high over the last year as ABC stores across the Commonwealth collected more than $1 billion in revenue, a $71 million increase from the previous reporting year.

Setting records at the ABC store is nothing new. Fiscal year 2019, which ended on June 30, marks the 21st consecutive record-breaking year in sales for the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority.

This year, the ABC attributed gains to the addition of seven stores, seasonal promotional campaigns, and changing consumer demands.

“Customers aren’t necessarily drinking more; they’re buying more premium products that have a higher per bottle price tag,” CEO Travis Hill said in a press release. “Additionally, they’re choosing distilled spirits over other products.” 

These are the top give brands purchased in ABC stores in FY2019.

  1. Tito’s Handmade – domestic vodka
  2. Hennessy VS – cognac/armagnac
  3. Jack Daniel’s 7 Black – Tennessee whiskey
  4. Jim Beam – straight bourbon
  5. Fireball Cinnamon – imported cordial

Among the top five sellers, Tito’s Handmade domestic vodka saw the biggest leap in sales, from $33.5 million to $42.1 million, a 26% increase.

Virginia ABC collects $1 billion in revenue, a new record

ABC wants you to know that a lot of that money is going back to the Commonwealth. This year’s record-breaking sales resulted in nearly half a billion dollars transferred to the General Fund.

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