Poll shows voters ready for change in Virginia
By Davis Burroughs
October 7, 2019

Virginia voters heavily favor having Democrats take control of the state legislature in the November elections over leaving Republicans in power, according to a poll released Monday by the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University.

Powered by a 17-point advantage among independents, 53% of voters said they want Democrats to have majorities in the General Assembly, compared to 37% percent who’d like to keep Republicans in power. Democrats have the advantage over Republicans on voter enthusiasm, 62% to 49%, too. And 84% of Democrats say they will “definitely vote,” compared to 74% of Republicans.

Questions on gun control, health care, minimum wage, abortion and other topics show voters are focused on both national and state issues and are significantly more likely to vote for candidates who support Democratic Party positions.

The results come as Democrats look to flip the state House and Senate, which would earn them majorities in both chambers for the first time in decades.

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