Dogwood Daily: What happens next for the new "gun-sense" majority

By Sean Galvin

November 8, 2019

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Wondering about the make-up of Virginia’s newly-elected General Assembly? Like cool charts? Then check this out.

Five things you need to know today …

  1. Democrats look to make strides on gun safety
    Every Virginia House and Senate candidate that flipped a seat in Tuesday’s election was endorsed by a gun safety group, corroborating a pre-election poll that found gun policy was the top issue for Virginia voters. While organizations like Moms Demand Action are celebrating the new “gun-sense majority” in the General Assembly, NRA-aligned groups like The Virginia Defense League describe the election as the “worst-case scenario for gun owners.” On Nov. 18, lawmakers are scheduled to resume the special session on gun policy that Gov. Ralph Northam called earlier this year in response to the Virginia Beach mass shooting. GOP lawmakers adjourned the first special session after only 90 minutes without considering a single bill. Although the current lame-duck GOP majority can still block gun safety legislation, Democrats need only wait until their new majority takes office in January to enact their policies. –The Virginia Mercury

  2. Luria says she will vote for impeachment
    Rep Elaine Luria (D-Norfolk) said she heard enough during the congressional inquiries to convince her to vote to impeach Trump. Luria was one of seven first-term members of Congress in swing districts who surprised some political analysts by backing the impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s alleged quid pro quo campaign to pressure the Ukrainian government to take actions that would be helpful to Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign. Defending her decision, Luria said at a Williamsburg community meeting that “the president of the United States abused his office for his personal gain.” -The Virginian-Pilot

  3. Your recyclables may not be going where you think
    When China stopped taking U.S. recyclables last year prices for the goods dropped, upending the entire industry. Since then, many Virginia businesses that haul or process waste have gone bankrupt or closed, and several cities have canceled their recycling programs altogether. But some companies have implemented a workaround, allowing them to stay in business under the new, harsher market conditions. The Virginian-Pilot breaks down what happens to your recyclables and where they go now. –The Virginian-Pilot

  4. Hashmi’s election draws racist comments
    Days after she became the first Muslim American to be elected to Virginia’s state senate, Senator-elect Ghazala Hashmi’s detractors continue to post racist comments on Facebook. As Richmond news outlets posted stories covering Hashmi’s victory, many social media users praised the Democratic victor and celebrated her achievements. But several others used anti-Muslim slurs against her. Some commenters even suggested Hashmi was part of a plot to “destroy America from within” and posted defamatory comments falsely linking her to terrorism. –WHSV

  5. Democrats expected to enact new climate policy
    The fight against climate change will get much more attention from Virginia lawmakers now that Democrats have full control of the government. Come January, state leaders are expected to pursue renewable energy legislation and join other states in the region in capping carbon dioxide emissions. Among many clean energy priorities for Gov. Northam is making Virginia the first southern state to enter the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). – The Washington Post
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