WATCH: After 39 Years as a Teacher, This “Rock” Superfan Got Her Wish

By Arianna Coghill

May 7, 2020

Bristol County school teacher Carol Propst is scheduled to retire in 70 days. But before her retirement, Propst wanted to fulfill one thing on her bucket list: Get an autograph from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

Recently, she had that dream come into true…and then some.

After 39 years as an educator, Propst is an inspiration to both students and other teachers alike. Fellow teacher Noah Ashbrook has been reaching out to Johnson’s twitter account since February, requesting an autograph for her and always capping off each tweet with #propstrocks. Former Virginia High teacher, Gary Skeen, also reached out to NBC about Propst’s story. 

“Seventy days. Can you believe it? I can,” said Ashbrook in a tweet, “It doesn’t even scratch the surface of the roughly 7,020 days @PropstMiss taught in her career. Here’s to her and to @TheRock. Let’s get that autograph.” 

Eventually Johnson’s team caught wind of Ashbrook’s requests. They one-upped the autograph and sent her a personalized gift package and video message. 

“Wow, Carol. Congratulations! I am so happy, and I am so proud of you,” said Johnson in the video message, “Thank you and your fellow teachers for your wisdom, love, care and discipline.” 

Teachers and administrators set up the library to present the gifts to Propst. Upon receiving the presents, Propst grinned ear to ear. 

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