Virginia’s Positive Test Rate Hits All-Time Low

By Arianna Coghill

September 30, 2020

Virginia’s COVID-19 numbers are improving, but the state’s outbreaks are increasing.

RICHMOND- The overall numbers look good for Virginia. Positive test rates, transmission rates and nearly all of the state’s COVID-19 indicators are falling. All except one. While those points fall, outbreaks are on the rise.

As of Monday, Virginia’s positive test rate stood at 4.7%. By Wednesday, that number dropped again to 4.5%. This means out of the 2,049,988 people tested for coronavirus, less than 5% of them tested positive. At the peak of the crisis, this rate was over 20%.

The state’s transmission rate is also falling. When we say transmission rate, that means the average number of people infected by someone with COVID-19. Currently, Virginia has the second lowest rate in the nation. According to the website Statista, Virginia has a transmission rate of 0.88. This is right behind Georgia, which has a rate of a 0.86. By comparison, Wyoming has the highest transmission rate at 1.27 people infected. North Carolina is right behind at 1.18 and Massachusetts has the third highest rate at 1.17.

Information like this has multiple school districts across the state considering a return to in-person learning. We also see stadiums and other outside entertainment venues slowly making plans to hold events and bring fans back. As of Wednesday, Virginia had reported 148,271 COVID-19 cases since the pandemic started. Earlier this month, it wasn’t unusual to see more than 1,000 new cases in a day and over 7,000 in a week. Over the last two weeks, the state hasn’t climbed above 975 new cases a day. Instead, it’s more common to see days like Wednesday, with 755 cases added to the list. Since Sept. 24, there have been 5,681 new cases of COVID-19.

And those new cases in Virginia, for the most part, are mild. Hospitalizations are trending downwards with 50 less patients The VDH has reported 11,041 hospitalizations and 3,208 deaths due to the virus. 

Some Areas Aren’t Improving

But while most indicators show Virginia is improving, there’s still one red flag. For the past three days, outbreaks in Virginia have increased. Currently, there are 1,041 outbreaks of the virus across the state. Over 22,000 cases have been associated with these outbreaks. Most of the outbreaks take place at long-term care facilities with 434. There are over 10,000 cases of COVID 19 and 1,595 deaths among these outbreaks. If those outbreaks can be contained, it appears the state is on the road to recovery.

Arianna is a content producer for Dogwood. You can reach her at [email protected]

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