Student attending virtual school
Online Learning Is Returning to this Virginia School District. And Plenty of Families Opted In.

One-in-six students in the Danville Public School system signed up for all-virtual schooling.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring
Virginia Gets Over $500 Million From Opioid Settlement

It took four years, but Virginia's attorney general, along with other states, are finally collecting payments from drug companies that pushed opioids.

Taylor Swift in concert
Taylor Swift and Virginia GOP Governor Candidate Have Bad Blood

Glenn Youngkin's Carlyle Group help fund the acquisition of all of Swift's music made before November 2020.

A UVA study reveals potential treatments for Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes Study Points to New Treatments

Scientists at the University of Virginia identified new drug treatments to target Type 1 Diabetes in a recent large-scale study

Can I Opt Out of the Child Tax Credit Payments? Here’s The Answer

DANVILLE-What if I want to wait until next year's tax return to get the child tax credit? It's definitely doable. Here's how.

Yes, Virginia, Schools Will Open Five Days A Week This Fall

COLLINSVILLE-Virginia schools will open five days a week this fall. So why are politicians saying differently? It seems they forgot SB 1303.

Logging On: Virginia Sets Up Online GED Test To Help Residents

RICHMOND-Virginia residents may now take the GED test online, as some people still don't feel comfortable doing it in person.