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Here Are 5 Ways To Give In Virginia—And It’s Not Just Money!

As the season of thanks comes to a soft close and the season of giving commences, we wanted to highlight a handful of opportunities across the commonwealth that intersect both paths.

Feeling Thankful? Here Are 5 Family-Friendly Virginia Experiences To Explore On Thanksgiving

Thankfully (pun intended), there are plenty of things to do in Virginia on and around Thanksgiving Day. Here’s a scoop of some of our top favorites.

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Board of Education Member Raises Whitewashing Concerns: Virginia History Standards on Hold (Again)

Discussing the documents and their discrepancies, Board President Daniel Gecker pointed out that while the August document had approximately two years of work behind it, the November document on the table awaiting Board approval to move on to the next step had only been in front of the members for a matter of days. 

Virginia History Standards Revised: They’re Teaching WHAT?!

The previous version of proposed standard changes while Gov. Ralph Northam was in office received a comprehensive review by experts including educators, historians, professors, museums, organizations, parents, teachers, and VDOE staff. The current version proposed under Youngkin’s governorship did not undergo the same checks and balances. 

Searching For The Truth: Things Aren’t Always As They Seem on Election Day

Election Day has come and gone, and despite there being claims that people had issues voting in Chesterfield, things weren't what they appeared to be on Twitter.

Contributed Photo: Albert Harris Elementary School students in their pollinator garden
Martinsville Students Learn Outside of the Box —and the Classroom!

Elementary school students in Martinsville created a pollinator garden and a vegetable garden, while learning SOL concepts.

‘He Freaked Out About Going Back To School’: Chatham Mom Explores Homeschool Education

For the vast majority of American children, public school seems to be a well-explored avenue. However, public school education isn’t the right fit for all students.