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Renters Are Struggling. The Biden Administration Introduced New Protections for Them This Week.

The Biden administration introduced several new efforts to protect renters, make renting more affordable, and to increase fairness in the rental market.

As Virginia’s Emergency Order Expires, A 31-Day Eviction Clock Starts

RICHMOND - Virginia's emergency order expired Wednesday, removing protections against evictions. As a result, a 31-day clock starts ticking.

Virginia’s Utility Bill Freeze Just Ended. This Could Make The Eviction Problem Worse.

CHARLOTTESVILLE- More than 8,000 Virginians have been evicted from their homes since June 22.

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Over 1,800 Families in Virginia Have Lost Their Homes During the Pandemic

Evictions court has started again, despite record unemployment and a struggling economy. Over 12,000 eviction cases have happened since June.